Consider Fitness As A Journey And Enjoy Your Efforts For Staying Healthy

If you are trying to lose weight, you may not be able to avoid comparing your progress with the visible changes you see in others. Experts say focusing on your end goal of losing your weight may make the whole process boring. You may feel crappy also. So, you may lose steam and may stop making efforts.

Though there are a number of alluring advertisements, those that insist on consistency and strenuous efforts may not lure you very much. Unfortunately, everyone including you will look at the numbers because according to you, numbers alone help in measuring progress.

The fact is health is not just about measuring your progress through numbers. If you keep focusing on numbers, you will be ignoring other important factors of progress like personal growth, change in mindset, etc. The following points may help.

Ensure that others’ progress does not affect yours

If you allow the progress of others to plague your mind, it will inevitably create stress that may ultimately affect your mindset. Hence, your motivation level will come down. So, understand that it is imprudent to compare your progress with that of others. It is like comparing two incomparable items because the genetics, lifestyle, dietary habits, activity levels, circumstances and even idiosyncrasies of people are not the same. Therefore, making comparisons is not only futile but waste of time and mental energy. It may bring down your confidence level also. Instead, you should spend your time and energy towards working on your goals.

Indulge in those things that work for you

The weight loss activities that work for another person need not work for you. You should therefore know those things or training programs that may work for you. In fact, choosing a wrong program may do more harm than good.

Progress is of various forms

Focusing on the end goal that is usually measured by numbers has its own dangers. It may turn your desire of looking good into an obsession. You may commit the mistake of taking drastic and unhealthy steps. Some people may give up if they do not see encouraging numbers. The best suggestion is to look if there are other types of progress because unless you keep your confidence level high, you can not achieve your goal.

Some of the types of progress are physical progress, emotional progress and improvement in your mindset. Changing your ideas about fitness, developing good and healthy habits and even improving your knowledge about fitness and learning a new technique are some of the other types of progress.

In short, you must consider fitness as a journey, avoid comparing your progress with that of others, refrain from blaming yourself for your lapses and enjoy the efforts you make for staying healthy.


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